Pillow Set in Black and Gold Silk -Floral River Cushion Pair

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Beautiful pair of pillows made with vintage Japanese obi silk in black, gold and silver with coloured accents.

* Set of 2 pillows. Only one pair ever made.
* Black vintage silk reverse
* 31cm x 31cm  / 12" x 12" approx each
* Hand-finished
* Comes with luxury feather pads included (ethically sourced)

Ethically produced by upcycling/repurposing vintage silk originally from a Japanese Obi belt, used to tie Kimono, dating from the Mid Showa period (over 40 years old). The floral motif is known as Kiku, a traditional and auspicious Japanese symbol of regal beauty, rejuvenation and longevity. We will send you our Hunted and Stuffed guide to symbols in Japanese textiles FREE with every order.